Friends Church (Quakers)

Donholm Monthly Meeting

Friends Church (Quakers)

Donholm Monthly Meeting

Friends Church (Quakers) Donholm Monthly Meeting came into existence in the year 2001 having 50 worshippers only. Prior to that, the church had been Local church of Nairobi monthly meeting since the year 1995. Its first services were conducted at Buruburu High School (currently NPC, Buruburu). This explains why until the year 2016, the church was referred to as Friends Church (Quakers), Buruburu.The leadership of the church was then in the hands of Stanley Waswa (Presiding Clerk), Mary Okumu (USFW Chairperson), Morgan Arunga (NYAFP Chairperson), Alice Kasibwa (Sunday School Chairperson), Pst. Benson Simiyu Makhanu and Pst. Alice Simiyu.

With great growth, a need to shift to spacious premises definitely arose. The church purchased the first plot at Donholm estate. This is the place where the first and current church sanctuary is located. The church has subsequently acquired more land to make its space even bigger.Friends church, (Quakers), Donholm, has experienced a tremendous growth in membership since the year 2001 when it had 50 members but currently has approximately 800 members.
Construction of an ultra-modern sanctuary and a business unit for the church has commenced in earnest. The location of the church is approximately 200 meters, off Outer ring Road, on your way to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, near Mima Centre, next to Total Petrol Station. In addition, a school catering for nursery and primary education needs has been constructed. It is worth pointing out that all the land that belongs to the church was purchased from a Jew by the name Goldberg. Friends church, (Quakers), Donholm vision, mission and objectives are the same as those of the parent organization, i.e Nairobi Yearly Meeting of Friends Church (Quakers).

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Friends Church (Quakers) Donholm

Church Projects

Construction of an ultra-modern church sanctuary, rental car park and business unit began in March 2013 and is set to be completed within the shortest time possible. Upon completion, the project is likely to be the largest single undertaking within the Friends Church (Quakers) fraternity in Kenya. The church sanctuary will host up to 2500 people at any one given time. The basement parking bay will accommodate about 50 vehicles and the business unit will have meeting halls for hire among other things.Being located in New Donholm Estate, which is part of the populous Eastlands Area of Nairobi County, the upcoming construction will increase the capacity of Friends Church (Quakers), Donholm, to play a bigger role in hosting drama, choir and festivals. Social events such as weddings, funerals and other meetings will also be hosted.

Friends church, (Quakers), Donholm, is a vibrant young church within the larger Quakers fraternity. The church will retain and enhance its focus in playing a key and or important role in developing members spiritually, morally and economically. We shall remain true to our objectives and most important of all, even as we struggle to do many things, we are very much aware that whatever we do, it is not because of man, but all the glory and honour goes to God, our almighty father in heaven. The current theme of the church is nothing is impossible with God. Our slogan has remained God is perfectly in control.

Friends Church (Quakers) Donholm


  1. Pst. Benedict N. Majimbo
  2. Pst. Caleb L. Mukabwa
  3. Pst. Churchill Malimo Adavaji
  4. Pst. Jane Mutoro Wakhungu
  5. Haron Buto
The Donholm Monthly Meeting Leadership
  1. Presiding Clerk – Ben Simiyu
  2. Quakermen Chairperson – Maxwell Maleya
  3. United Society of Friends Women (USFW) Chairperson – Julia Muhanji
  4. Nairobi Young Adults Friends Programme (NYAFP) Chairperson – Joseph Ochoya
  5. Sunday School Chairperson – Miriam Malimo
The Commissioners
  1. Mission Commission – Pst. Benedict Majimbo
  2. Constitution Commission – Clarence Jumba
  3. Education Commission – Beatrice Shirao
  4. Service Commission – Aggrey Kayi
  5. Social Commission – Seth Machaha
  6. Finance & Stewardship Commission – Malcom Maleya
  7. Literature & Publication Commission – Wilhite Davidson Mulobi
Donholm Monthly Meeting Local Churches
  1. Friends church (Quakers) Donholm.
  2. Friends church (Quakers) Katani.
The Church Organisation

Friends Church (Quakers), Nairobi Yearly Meeting is a church organization whose primary objective is to preach the Gospel of God’s love and salvation through Jesus Christ to all mankind. Our churches are located in most parts of Kenya.

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