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Friends Centre Church Maringo

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Friends Church (Quakers)

Nairobi Monthly Meeting

Welcome to Friends Church Nairobi Monthly Meeting! We are so glad you found us here. Our head office is located at Friends Centre Maringo on Rukwaa road off Jogoo road in Maringo, east of Nairobi City (Nairobi Eastlands).It is at this location that we gather to worship the almighty God in spirit and truth.

The name Friends Church originates from the scriptures whereby our Lord Jesus Christ says “you are my friends if you do what I command you”, ~John 15:14. That’s who we are, His friends obedience in what Jesus Christ commands us to do. We believe in the trinity(God the Father, God the Son and Holy Spirit) and that Jesus Christ is our Lord and savior.

Friends Church Nairobi Monthly Meeting shares the same Vision, Mission statement and objectives as Nairobi Yearly Meeting.

Vision ~  As faithful followers of our Lord Jesus Christ, we Quakers are committed to Godly task of carrying out all the work that Jesus Christ started and committed only to His Church.

Mission Statement ~ To preach and teach the Gospel of God’s love and salvation through Jesus Christ to all mankind.


Friends Church (Quakers) Nairobi

Missionary Work

The church is committed to meet the hopes and needs of the community. Maringo Therapy is one of the church projects that give hope to people living with HIV/AIDS. We believe God wants us to make the world a better place. The church also offers support to the widows and orphans. We also visit children’s home, prisons, hospitals and various parts of the country and Africa to preach the Gospel.

local Churches

  1. Friends Centre Church Maringo
  2. Friends Church Athi River
  3. Friends Church Embakasi
  4. Friends Church Machakos
  5. Friends Church Makongeni
  6. Friends Church ShauriMoyo
  7. Friends Church Utawala

Friends Church (Quakers) Nairobi

Friends Community Centre

Friends Community Centre has been in existence since February 1955. It provides various facilities to the community. These include offices, halls, shops, dormitories and car park. The halls are hired for events like wedding ceremonies, parties, conferences, weddings and lectures.  There are also meeting rooms for hire and a board room. The Centre has also rented rooms to Institutions; these include Friends Theological College and Imara Institute of Science and Technology.

Ofafa Friends Academy

The school is established and is guided by Christian values and morals. We have witnessed positive growth since its inception. The school has pre – primary section and primary section. The pre-primary section has its customized play section. Transport is given to the pupils who live distant from school.

Friends Church (Quakers) Nairobi


  1. Pst. Martin Simiyu
  2. Pst. Eunice Amugune
  3. Pst. Anthony Kiduyu
The Nairobi Monthly Meeting Leadership
  1. Presiding Clerk – Michael Mbeshi
  2. Quakermen Chairperson – Benson Otuli
  3. United Society of Friends Women (USFW) Chairperson – Beatrice M’mbwanga
  4. Nairobi Young Adults Friends Programme (NYAFP) Chairperson – Martin Mukangula
  5. Sunday School Chairperson – Mary Wanyonyi
The Commissioners
  1. Mission Commission – Pst. Martin Simiyu
  2. Constitution Commission – Ebby Kashindi
  3. Education Commission – Anne Musalia
  4. Service Commission – Peter Maina
  5. Social Commission – Benard Kisanya
  6. Finance & Stewardship Commission – Maxwell Kifana
  7. Literature & Publication Commission – Paul Muchuma

Friends Church (Quakers) Donholm


Worship Services
Catechism Classes
Bible Studies
Evangelism & outreach
Seminars & Conferences
Medical camps
Support for the needy
Empowerment sessions
Small scale enterprises

Friends Church (Quakers) Donholm

Local Churches

Join our friends in this groups

Quaker Men



Sunday School

  1. Friends Center Church Maringo

It started in 1956 and it is located on Rukwa road off Jogoo road in Maringo, east of Nairobi City (Eastlands). It is at the same location as the Friends Church Community Centre. The Community Centre has facilities and services that are needed by the community. Friends Centre church Maringo is the largest church in Nairobi Monthly Meeting. Most of the Friends Church (Quakers) Nairobi Monthly Meeting worship services are hosted at Friends Centre Church Maringo which occurs on every second Sunday of the month. It is at this worship service that believers from the seven local churches meet to worship God.

  1. Friends Church Makongeni

It was started in 1964 by Christians (Quakers) who were employed by Kenya Railways (the present Rift Valley Railways). In its humble beginnings, it started as a fellowship which grew rapidly to become a church. Believers used to meet in a hall at Makongeni and later on the Kenya Railways offered a building to be used as a place of worship. This was a major breakthrough because to this date Friends Church Makongeni has a building for worship at the same location.

The Church is located in Makongeni Estate, about three hundred meters from Jogoo road. Members of this church come from Makongeni estate, ShauriMoyo estate, LungaLunga, Kaloleni estate and other neighbouring residents in Eastlands.


  1. Friends Church Embakasi

It was started in 1972. Believers used to meet in a police canteen. Initially, a great percentage of the church population was the armed forces but as time went by the church had membership from the neighboring residents as well. The church was moved to a city council hall and later a plot was purchased. It is at this plot that Friends Church Embakasi is built. Apart from the church.

In the year 2010, Embakasi Friends Church started Utawala sub-local church. Utawala sub-local church has recently given a local church status.

  1. Friends Church ShauriMoyo

It is about two Kilometers from Nairobi Central Business Board. It is located at ShauriMoyo opposite ShauriMoyo British America Tobacco(BAT) estate off Jogoo road. It started as a house fellowship that grew to become a church. The church used a hall at ShauriMoyo British America Tobacco (BAT) estate for worship.

In the year 1992, Friends Church ShauriMoyo acquired a plot from City Council of Nairobi and thus built a church building. It has 169 members.

  1. Friends Church Athi River

Friends Church Athi River is located 50 kilometers south east from the Central Business District of Nairobi City. It started as a house fellowship that later grew to be a church. It is has 314 members.

  1. Machakos Friends Church

Friends Church Machakos was started in 1999. It has 40 members.

  1. Utawala Friends Church

Utawala Friends Church is located at Utawala.

The Church Organisation

Friends Church (Quakers), Nairobi Yearly Meeting is a church organization whose primary objective is to preach the Gospel of God’s love and salvation through Jesus Christ to all mankind. Our churches are located in most parts of Kenya.

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